You could be the first ever roulette champion at Royal Panda Casino. This June, you have the chance to compete against other roulette players at the live casino and have the opportunity to take part in the live roulette finale and get your hands on a $10k prize.

Here is how it works…

You will need to play at the Royal Panda Live Roulette tables or play at any of the live casino roulette games until June 30th. There are five spots in the roulette championship weekend and to get one of these spots, you will need to complete one of 5 challenges. These challenges are:

  • In Double Ball Roulette, you will need to get the most double straight ups in June
  • Throughout June, you need to be the player that has wagered the most across the live roulette games.
  • During the month of June, you need to be the player that has played the most rounds in the live roulette games.
  • Over all the live roulette games in June, you will need to get the biggest total win or
  • You will need to score the biggest win in one day in June on any of the live roulette games.

Play in The Exciting Roulette Championship

If you are one of the five qualifiers, Royal Panda Casino will add a tournament bonus of $1000 to your account. The championship is held from the 8th July to the 9th July. Over these two days, you will need to:

  • Play one of the live roulette games with your tournament bonus
  • Try and win as much as possible with your tournament bonus
  • The winner is the player that gets the highest peak balance from playing with their tournament bonus

So, what are you waiting for? You could be a roulette champion at Royal Panda Casino. The leaderboard is updated every Monday during the month of June.

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