Have you ever dreamed of what it would be like to win the jackpot, just once?

Well, this lucky lady, Jessica C has managed to experience this for the second time. Her first time being a millionaire materialized in November 2015 when she won the Jackpot on the slot machine called the “Siberian Storm”.

This was a dream come true after years of loyalty to Mr Green Casino. Jessica started traveling the world, experiencing everything that fame and fortune have to offer.

Mega Fortune Jackpot Winner

Every now and again Jessica would just take a few spins on her slot machine, not with any expectations at all. Until last Sunday, while playing on the prevalent slot machine “Mega Fortune” it happened all over again, a whopping €4.3 million wealthier.

Unbelievable! Here is just a little insight from the interview with Jessica.

Jessica’s life has changed tremendously after her first BIG WIN. Taking life a little easier, as is allowed when you own such a large sum of money. She did not expect to ever win on the slots again, but after her dream she had one night, about winning the lottery, it became a reality.

Our question about early retirement was answered, when Jessica confirmed that she had been thinking about it. She is still enjoying playing slots eg. WOLF RUN and has not discouraged the idea of winning the jackpot for the THIRD time.

Larger jackpots:

If you are interested in becoming a millionaire, have a look at why the progressive winnings are so prevalent in the online slots. Normal slots accrue jackpots from people placing their bets; however progressive jackpots are known to hold some of the largest jackpots to date as they have a build up from a number of slots across the board.

NetEnt slot’s largest payout has gone up to $20 million and most of them are winners from MR. Green Casinos. MR. Green boasts with 3 of the largest jackpot winners ever.

Let’s take a SPIN:

Creating an account with MR. Green in Norway will guarantee you FREE SPINS. Once you make your first deposit, you will automatically enjoy 50 free spins. The next five consecutive days will allow you 9 free spins thereafter.

If you are feeling lucky and want to take your chance at Mr Green Casino, make sure to take advantage of the welcome bonus.

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